Mains Paper 3

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Pre historic Age, Indus Civilization, Vedic Civilization, Jainism and Buddhism, Rise of Magadh Empire, Mauryan Polity and Economy, Sunga, Satvahana period. Gupta Empire, Development of Art, Architecture, Literature & Science In Gupta Vakataka Period. Major dynasties of south India,

Medieval India, Medieval Indian History, Sultanate and mughal Period, Vijaya Nagar Kingdom, Bhakti Movement, Sufism, Growth of Literature in regional Languages, Rise of Marathas, Advent of Europeans and factors responsible for the establishment of British Supremacy, Expansion of British Empire- Wars and diplomacy, Rural Economy-Agriculture,Land Revenue Systems – Permanent Settlement, Ryotwari, Mahalwari, Decline of handicrafts industries, Relation of East India Company with States, Changes in Administrative Structure, Urban Economy after 1858, Development of Railways, Industrialization, Constitutional Development. Socio Religious Reform Movements- Brahmo Samaj, Arya Samaj, Prarthna Samaj, Ram Krishna Mission,

Rise of Nationalism, The Revolt of 1857, Establishment of Indian National Congress, partition of Bengal and Swadeshi Movement, Rise and Development of Commualism, Revolutionary Movements, Home Rule Movement, Gandhian movement, Quit India Movement, workers, peasant and Tribal Movements, reform movement among Dalits, reform movement among Muslisms, Aligarh Movement, Indian National Army, Independence and Parition of India, Merger of States.    


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