History of Chhattisgarh -05- History of Kalchuri of Chhattisgarh- 02

history of kalchuri of chhhattisgarh
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History of Chhattisgarh is an important topic for CGPSC and CGVYAPAM EXAMS. Various articles are provided here to prepare for cgpsc and cgvyapam exams.

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Kalchuri of chhattisgarh has rich culture and long history of various kings who contributed greatly towards welfare and socio, economic, cultural and political development of chhattisgarh. Various land reforms also took place during their time and various temples were also built. Some of the kings in this series of history of chhattisgarh are as follows…

Vamraj Dev

The founder of Tripuri Kalchuri was Vamraj Dev. As the influence of Chalukya in the south was extreme therefore Vamraj Dev did not take risk of campaigning south. Just after the death of Harshvardhan, the famous ruler of north India a political instability prevailed. By taking advantage of this opportunity Vamrajdev invaded Kalinjar (U.P) invincible fortand took possession over it.

In terms of military utility, he made Kalinjer as his capital. But he also established his second capital at Tripuri (some distance from present Jabalpur) on the bank of Narmada.

Shankargarh I

After Vamraj the ruler who is mentioned is sankargarh 1

Laxman Raj I

Probably he was defeated by the Rashtrakuta ruler Govinda III but later established matrimonial relationship with and them.

Kokkal I

After Laxman Raj I Kokkal-I sat on the throne of Tripuri he was married to the Chandel princess Nanda Devi and married his daughter to the Rashtrakuta ruler Krishnaraj-II. He sent his son Shankargarh-II with huge army to assist Rashtrakuta.

Shankargarh II

After Kokkal II his son Shankargarh sat on throne. He was also known as Ranvigrah (रणविग्रह) or Mugdhtunga(मुग्धतुंग). Shankargarh to invaded the Kosal and fetch Pali from Baan dynasty.

Other rulers were Balharsh – Yuvraj 1 – Lakshmana Raj 2 – shankargarh 3 – Yuvraj 2- Kokkal- 2- gangeydev – Yashakarn- Narsingh – Jai Singh.  

Reference – Hindi Granth Academy Chhattisgarh and other govt. websites  

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