History of Chhattisgarh- 02 Chhattisgarh in Mahakavya Period

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History of Chhattisgarh- 02 Chhattisgarh in Mahakavya Period


Region south of Vindhyachal mountain ranges was named as Kosal after its powerful king.

North kosal                                                 King –bhanumant
South kosalCapital –Saket or ayodhya                           
King –Dashratha                                          Capital –Sravasti
King Dashratha with his three queens Kausalya, Sumitra & Kaikeyee. 
History of Chhattisgarh
  • Dashrath married to the Kausalya (Daughter of Bhanumant) (Mother of Lord Ram)
  • Since king Bhanumant had no male heirs, his kingdom after his death was dissolved in the kingdom of Dashratha.
  • Thus this region became a part of ayodhya .
  • According to local beliefs lord ram spent most of his 14 years exile in this region .


  1. Ram visited Sheorinarayan where he met Shabri and shared her berriers.
  2. Kharod [District – Janjgir Champa] was the kinghdom of Khar and Dushan.
  3. Laxman established Lakhneshwar  Mahadev Temple (लाखा चाउर मंदिर)  near  kharod .
  4. According to the folklore Lav and Kush the twin sons of lord Rama were born in Turturia (Balaudabazar District). It is a place situated in the baranvapara wildlife sanctuary and is also a pilgriamage site
  5. The origin of Mahanadi river is from Shringi mountain at Sihava nagari in Dhamtari District. 

After lord ram left this world, the state of Kosal was distributed to his two sons.

 Lord RAM’S two son

Lav (elder)Kush
Ruled state- North KosalRuled state- Dakshin Kosal (South Kosal)
 The capital of South Kosal was Sravasti and was also known as Kushsthali.
Lord RAM’S two son


1SargujaSargujaRamgarh,Sitabengra,laxmanbengara,   kishkindha  mountain ,sita- kund ,hathikhoh. 
2KharodaJanjgir champa* Worship of shivling by laxman * Kashi of chhattisgarh * Killing of khar devil 
3ShivrinarayanJanjgir  champa* place of shabri bai *ram ate andshared her berries 
4TurturiaBalodabazar*birth of luv and kush *baranvapara wild life sanctuary 
5Sihava  mountain/shringiDhamtari*ram freed  the shringi rishi (sage)’s aashram from devils. 
6panchvatiKanker* sita was kidnapped by ravan from here 
7DandkaranyaBaster division* dandkaranya is mensioned in the Ramayana , when the hanuman was travilling for sangivani medicine 
8Bhupdevpur * Ramjharna 


  • *  Mahabharat text mention this region as Kosal, Prakkosal and Kantar (Bastar).
  • *  It has been rumoured that king of the Chedi was Bhabruvahan  was of Pandu dynasty .
  • Arjun  –  chitrangada   son-  Bhabruvahan
  • The capital of this chedi king was chitrangadpur which is presently called sirpur (Mahasamand).
  • King Mordhavja and tamradhvaja’s capital Manipur understood as present Ratanpur.
  • The archaeologist late pt. Lochan Prasad pandey related mordhavaja and his son tamradhvaja to a place Rishabhtirtha (gunji ) situated near sakti in Janjgir champa
  • * This rishabhtirtha is mention in the vanpan of mahabhart .
  • *  Aarang( Raipur distrit) is called as place of mordhwaj
  •  Story- king mordhwaj cut his son tanradhwaj with saw on the request of shri Krishna for a hungary lion `
  •  Aarang- city  of temples
  • * During the conquest of teuritaries by karn  and his  battle with king nal and  shishupal  thi  region was  repeatedly  mentioned as kosal . Shishupal  thi  region was  repeatedly  mentioned as kosal.

Mahabharat Period Important place in Chhattisgarh

S.noDistrictPlaceOld nameSpecial/events
1MahasamundsirpurChilrangadpurBhabruvahan capital
2RaipurAarangBhanderMordhwaj capital
3BilaspurRatanpurManipurTamradhwaja capital
4MahasamundkhallariKhallavatika*lakshagrih *footprint of –bhim khoh bhima
5Janjgir  champa  Gunji rishabhtirtha
Mahabharat Period Important place in Chhattisgarh

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Reference – Hindi Granth Academy Chhattisgarh and other govt. websites

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